Monday, April 19, 2010

Lattice Die Bracelet

I love these Brecelets, this is my own design, and I am very proud of it:)

Lattice Die Bracelet Instructions:
· Stampin Up Lattice die
· Stampin Up Circles #2 die
· Crop-a-dial
· Vinyl or Patten Leather (2 pieces 4” x4” minimum)
· plus enough vinyl for (4) 1” circle (no felt on these pieces if backing the bracelet)
· Glue gun
· Hitch (for clasp)
· 4 Jump rings (It think I used 6mm)
Optional Backing:
· Felt (the tighter the felt the better)
· Strong adhesive (Iron on Webbing) I used spray adhesive and if it gets wet the backing starts to come off…Used glue gun to repair…

Step 1: If using backing apply it to the back of the vinyl; If using tape run it through the bid shot between plates to make sure it is adhered well.
Step 2: Die cut both pieces of vinyl with the lattice die (One at a time)
Step 3: Trim 2 opposite points of the vinyl of each piece:
Step 4: Interlace 2 ends of lattice (tabs) connecting with jump rings Step 5: Die cut 4 pieces of vinyl using smallest circle on die Circles #2 (No felt backing on these pieces)
Step 6: Using crop a dial (smallest side), punch a hole in 1 circle center and screw hitch in place.
Step 7: Glue (w/ glue gun) circle with the hitch and 1 other circle together, sandwiched with 1 tab of the bracelet
Step 8: Glue (w/ glue gun) other 2 circles to the other tab on the bracelet (measure around writ to adjust size before gluing) then using large side of crop a dial, punch a hole in the center (You may need to punch the hole 2 times, slightly offset, to make a little larger so the bracelet is easier to remove

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marty's Sketch #8

For this week's sketch I used scrap pieces from the Stampin Up! lattice die and designer papers. I love this little collage piece, it was fun to make too!


So beacause I was snowed-in, and our flight to OH was cancelled I decided to craft... This turns out to be a bonus for 3 lucky ladies in OH because they are getting an extra present!! These are made out of felt, grommets, Stampin Up Dies, and Flat back pearls.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Marty's Sketch #7

I love this flower punch from Stampin Up! When you layer 2 of them and ink the edges in gold metallic ink, bend the leaves....viola! Poinsettia is blooming!


Here are 2 ornamnets I made that I love and plan to give as gift. I made lots of them!!

Stamp a Stacks at The Store Front continue...

Stamp A Stacks at the Storefront

I have classes at The Store Front, which a lots of fun and creative! So I designed these cards for the holiday stamp a stacks this season. Enjoy the photos...