Monday, April 19, 2010

Lattice Die Bracelet

I love these Brecelets, this is my own design, and I am very proud of it:)

Lattice Die Bracelet Instructions:
· Stampin Up Lattice die
· Stampin Up Circles #2 die
· Crop-a-dial
· Vinyl or Patten Leather (2 pieces 4” x4” minimum)
· plus enough vinyl for (4) 1” circle (no felt on these pieces if backing the bracelet)
· Glue gun
· Hitch (for clasp)
· 4 Jump rings (It think I used 6mm)
Optional Backing:
· Felt (the tighter the felt the better)
· Strong adhesive (Iron on Webbing) I used spray adhesive and if it gets wet the backing starts to come off…Used glue gun to repair…

Step 1: If using backing apply it to the back of the vinyl; If using tape run it through the bid shot between plates to make sure it is adhered well.
Step 2: Die cut both pieces of vinyl with the lattice die (One at a time)
Step 3: Trim 2 opposite points of the vinyl of each piece:
Step 4: Interlace 2 ends of lattice (tabs) connecting with jump rings Step 5: Die cut 4 pieces of vinyl using smallest circle on die Circles #2 (No felt backing on these pieces)
Step 6: Using crop a dial (smallest side), punch a hole in 1 circle center and screw hitch in place.
Step 7: Glue (w/ glue gun) circle with the hitch and 1 other circle together, sandwiched with 1 tab of the bracelet
Step 8: Glue (w/ glue gun) other 2 circles to the other tab on the bracelet (measure around writ to adjust size before gluing) then using large side of crop a dial, punch a hole in the center (You may need to punch the hole 2 times, slightly offset, to make a little larger so the bracelet is easier to remove